Bedwetting and Hypnosis

I can remember as a child I was very close to my cousin.  She was never able to spend the night at my house or any other friends houses because she wet the bed.  I remember how upset and embarrassed she was.  I think she was 12 or 13 before she was able to get control of this problem.

Usually by that time I get a call from a mom about their child’s bed wetting problem, mom and child are at wits end.  They have had waterproof rubber on the sheets, change and wash sheets sometimes daily. Some have used an alarm to wake up the child and for some medication is involved.  It is just heart breaking and always takes me back to how my cousin felt so many years ago.

Bed wetting impacts the child at a very deep level, and at the same time when the concept of self are developing.

Imagine not being able to spend the night at friends house, aren’t able to go to camp, or over night soccer tournaments.  It’s a secret for only you, your mom, and your dad.  Parents are afraid to discuss this problem with the child so they do not hurt the child’s feelings.

There are 2 components that a Consulting Hypnotist needs to works with the physical and the emotional. When working with the emotional the child lets go of the root cause and working with the physical getting the mind to make changes necessary for the body to function the way it is meant to function.

In 1996 I was Pediatric Certified.  It’s such a joy to be able to work with children and help them to overcome their problems so quickly.  What a great way to overcome this problem in what could be just 1 session.

If you have a child or know someone with a child experiencing this problem or an other problem please feel free to pass my information on. Children need us to guide, love, and nurture them.  This could be one less problem in their young lives, so that they can just be kids. Thanks for reading and all you do for the children in your life.



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