Smoking Information - Glavin Hypnotherapy

How does Hypnotherapy work to help eliminate the Smoking Habit?

In a hypnotic state the emphasis is laid on the psychological healing rather than the physical, to change the person’s habit or a behavior.

What I have found working with smoking clients for the past 25 years, very few smokers it is just a habit.  There is usually something either causing the habit or keeping them from eliminating the smoking habit on their own.

Through the uses of Hypnotherapy, the client able is to able to be guided through relaxation by the Consulting Hypnotist to let go of what ever is causing the problem.  The client is then given wonderful uplifting suggestions to help them achieve a healthier happier life.

During that session we are also working on Self Confidence, Stress, Tension, Anxiousness and Withdrawals.

What I have found is when the smokers lets go of the root cause reason for the smoking habit there is no need to ever smoke again.

With all of that said will this work for every client?  Unfortunately no, what I can tell you is about 80 to 85% my clients have quit with 1 session.

I have 2 suggestions for my smoking clients:

  •  Have their last cigarette before they arrive for your session.
  •  If they smoke a cigarette after the session you will erase everything we did.

Can I guarantee that everyone is able to let go of that root cause and quit smoking; no!  I am not in control of anyone.

Corporate Program

The cost for the employer is $5816.00 per employee who smokes.